After 25 years of teaching at various conservatories and universities, including Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory, the University of Oklahoma, and most recently at Florida State University, Gary Kosloski is taking a new look at violin pedagogy away from traditional institutions and degree requirements. Having earned a Doctor of Music from the highly regarded Indiana University School of Music, Kosloski has had the benefit of first class schooling, from his lengthy studies with the renowned pedagogue, Josef Gingold, and also drawing from the traditions of Carl Flesch and Max Rostal in his early work in Canada with Howard Leyton-Brown. He also had the benefit of supplemental studies with Tadeusz Wronski of the Warsaw Conservatory, and the late Franco Gulli.

There is no one way to play the violin. Every student is different and presents a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and physical abilities. Kosloski tries to synthesize an approach tailored to each studentís particular needs, drawing on the traditions he was taught, ideas developed over his many years of teaching, and with particular attention to basic principles of body equilibrium and mental focus that have become a major influence in his thinking since his extensive work translating Dominique Hoppenotís fascinating metaphysical exploration of the violinistís personal and spiritual relationship with his instrument in The Violin Within.

This kind of work does not take the place of traditional teaching, but is designed to supplement and enrich it, by allowing student and teacher the time to examine both the fundamental physical necessities for healthy, beautiful playing, and the psychological journey that one must undertake to find his personal relationship with the instrument, himself and his music.

Dr. Kosloski welcomes violinists of all ages and stages of development to engage in a limited number of lessons geared towards achieving specific playing goals, be they oriented towards certain aspects of technique or interpretive thinking, or preparing particular repertoire for performance or auditions. These particular lessons can be arranged privately, or in conjunction with the consultation and cooperation of a studentís principal teacher.

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